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Private Pool Villa Seminyak Bali

The charming island of Bali draws visitors from around the world. It’s mystical atmosphere, exuberant local and surfing culture, as well as its beautiful landscapes make this island one of the top tiers in holiday destinations. For those looking to mix your visit to Bali, forgo the traditional hotel or resort, and opt for something more private and classy. Consider staying in a private pool villa in the bustling heart of Seminyak for your holiday in Bali.

Private Pool Villa : Swim at your leisure

One of the best perks of a private villa is the exclusive pool access you’ll have. Our spacious villa at The Amala Pool Villa offers a stunning 6 x 3 meter private pool decorated with an ornate stone waterfall on one side. Cool off from the heat during the afternoon, or enjoy a romantic dip in the water under the moonlight after dusk with your partner at your side.

Spacious living quarters

Comfort and luxury are hallmarks of our accommodation here at The Amala. In addition to the exclusive private pool, guests also enjoy a spacious living area where they can commune with their friends or family members. Our pool villa features both indoor and outdoor living quarters, as well as a kitchen area - making it the perfect place to commemorate special events or gatherings with family or friends.

Dine at the Bamboo Restaurant

To complete your stay at The Amala, experience the culinary delights at the Bamboo Restaurant. In keeping with our holistic philosophy at The Amala, the Bamboo Restaurant specializes in serving healthy and organic menu selections for our guests. Our chefs source only the freshest ingredients to deliver the plate to your dining table.


About The Amala

The Amala is conveniently located in the heart of the most iconic and fashionable district of Bali in Seminyak.

In addition to the creature comforts and hospitality, we also strive to improve the wellness of our guests through our Signature Spa and Massage Treatments, cooking workshops, and Wellness Studio classes.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Amala. Book your stay with us today.