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Must Try Family Activities in Bali

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Bali is home to a long list of tropical adventures and activities for families to enjoy together. From exciting water slides in Waterbom Bali, to jungle animal adventures in Bali Zoo, there are plenty of things to fill-up your family itinerary in Bali.

If you’re new to Bali, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite activities to do with the family in Bali. And if you’re a returning guest, we hope this article will spark some new ideas to try with the family and kids during your visit!

Waterbom Bali

Amusement parks are a staple choice for any family to enjoy. Now, imagine an amusement park, but replace the traditional rides with towering water-based slides, rivers and pools. If that fits your agenda, we highly recommend adding Waterbom Bali on your shortlist of places to visit during your family holiday in Bali. This massive water park has been consistently voted as the best water park in Southeast Asia, with a wide variety of slides to accommodate visitors of all ages. Additionally, Waterbom has recently engaged in a huge water conservation and eco-friendly project to support and protect the environment in Bali.

Bali Zoo

Visiting Bali wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the lush regions of Gianyar, where you’ll be able to take your family to the amazing animal attractions of Bali Zoo. Your family and kids will love the wild animal experiences such as the Breakfast with Orangutans, the first of its kind in Indonesia where you’ll have the opportunity to have your morning meal while in the presence of the majestic Orangutan. Bali Zoo has been a guest favorite destination for families in Bali. Not only will it be a fun and  memorable experience, it’s also full of educational content for the kids to learn while on your holiday vacation.

Cycling Tours Bali

If you’re looking for an active day, full of fresh air, sunshine and even some family education take a look at one of the many cycling tours offered in Bali. Most begin in Kintamani with breakfast and a view. Then head down the mountain stopping to investigate temples, family compounds and taste test Bali coffee, ending with a delicious Indonesian lunch in the lush tropical region of Gianyar.

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