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Intimate Elope Wedding at the Amala & the Amala Estate

Bali is an admired wedding destination for couples across the world. The Island of Gods is home to the most beautiful beaches and landscapes you could ever find, making it the perfect scene for a romantic celebration. From gorgeous receptions by the beach to intimate ceremonies in a private garden, there are endless options for a dreamy wedding in Bali, just how you like it.

Intimate and elopement weddings have gotten popular in the past years - where friends and closest family gather to cherish a special moment for once in a lifetime. An elopement wedding is often more relaxed and affordable for partners. A villa wedding is one great way to have an intimate and romantic wedding - providing a more personal and undivided ceremony.

The Amala & The Amala Estate offers a selection of spacious villas with beautiful gardens and grounds for a flawless, simple, intimate, and memorable wedding setting. Together with the personal wedding setup, a 3D2N (three days and two nights) stay is included in the wedding package for an immediate honeymoon and quality time with loved ones. A private celebration with the closest people and family in a garden full of flowers, greenery, and a lavish outdoor setting is a dream come true on a particular day to tie the knot.

Make sure to savor every moment on your special day by making it memorable and intimate; our wedding team will be at hand to assist and organize a symbolic or legal wedding for you in Bali. Contact us today through for consultation and further information. We would be delighted to create a special wedding itinerary just for you!